Extension & Enrichment

At Weeden Heights our goal is to deliver engaging opportunities which enhance leadership capacity, extension and enrichment.

Student Leadership roles are promoted throughout the school including class roles and responsibilities, house and school captains, student representative council, our buddies program and extra duties taken on by senior students. All grade 6 students undertake a Young Leaders program in order to develop their leadership capacity.

In classrooms, lessons are differentiated to cater for the diverse range of the learning needs of our students. We offer open-ended tasks, a range of groupings within and across grades, incursions and excursions to support our learning goals.

Extra-curricular opportunities include lunchtime activities and competitions, musical and performing arts workshops, sporting events and a chess club.

We take part in competitions and challenges including TOM (Tournament of Minds), Maths Olympiad, Premiers’ Reading Challenge, ICAS – University of New South Wales Competitions, Public Speaking Competitions, Visual Arts competitions and Chess tournaments.

Car education

Playing chess

3D shapes

Extension and enrichment