At Weeden Heights Primary School we integrate ICT (Information and Communications Technology) into all facets of the VELS curriculum on a daily basis. We develop children’s ICT skills, knowledge and understanding through a wide range of experiences that involve finding and developing information and ideas as well as creating and presenting their ongoing achievements.

Weeden Heights Primary School has interactive whiteboards operating in all classrooms, inspiring active engagement in each child’s learning. This, supported by a minimum of 4 PC’s per classroom, provides students with unlimited opportunity to display their creative, visual and communication skills.

Children have regular access to our impressive resource centre containing 27 modern computers. The centre provides students with the opportunity to showcase and expand on their highly advanced ICT skills and understandings. These skills are utilised when presenting on the fixed and portable data projectors located throughout the school.

With such an extensive array of technology and skilled staff, no wonder ‘Futures are Bright’ at Weeden Heights.