Years 5 - 6

Throughout Years 5 and 6 (Level4), students are offered learning activities linked to everyday experiences to ensure learning is meaningful and relevant. Our enthusiastic and professional team of teachers pride themselves on delivering an engaging curriculum based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). The curriculum is designed to build on the excellent foundations and learning experiences in previous years, whilst expanding it to equip students with higher order thinking and problem solving skills. In this engaging and supportive learning environment students exhibit a continued enthusiasm for learning and pride in their personal growth as more complex thinkers, leaders and future citizens.

At Weeden Heights Primary School our Literacy program incorporates Reading, Writing, Spelling, Speaking and Listening. Literacy sessions cover a variety of activities including small teaching groups and independent tasks to ensure students are challenged and supported in their learning.
During the reading sessions students interpret and respond to a variety of texts, discussing the text features and identifying a range of values, beliefs and attitudes being presented. Our writing sessions allow students to produce a variety of texts for different purposes using structures and features of language appropriate to the purpose, audience and context of the writing. The spelling sessions equip students with skills necessary to investigate and make generalizations about spelling concepts. Students have regular opportunities throughout the weekly program to prepare and present speeches on a range of topics to the class developing their point of view and justifying their opinions.

In Mathematics, students learn to appreciate and apply essential mathematical practices in their everyday life.
At Weeden Heights Primary School our Numeracy sessions incorporate a variety of learning experiences including games and open ended tasks. There is a strong emphasis on encouraging students to verbalise their thinking when solving problems. Sessions include teaching groups of like ability, partner and independent tasks to enable students to be extended and supported. Students work with mathematical concepts, skills and processes in the areas of Number, Space, Measurement, Chance and Data, Structure and Working Mathematically.

Integrated Studies:
In Integrated Studies students focus on a unit of work and are provided with a broad range of experiences to further enhance their knowledge and understanding. They explore aspects of their environment and the world they live in. They are provided with a vast range of learning opportunities to enhance their skills in the areas of thinking, independent and group work, oral communication, research and investigation.
Throughout the year this area of study will encompass the VELS Domains of Personal Learning, Civics and Citizenship, Interpersonal Development, Communication, Thinking, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Design Creativity and Technology, Science and Humanities. Where appropriate, English, Mathematics, The Arts, LOTE and Health and Physical Education are also incorporated within the unit of study.

Examples of units include:
  • Australian History and Geography – Early years to 21st century.
  • Our Place in Space – Solar System, space exploration and influence on our daily lives.
  • Survival – Climate change, Australian environments and renewable resources.
  • Democracy at work – Structure of our government and our rights and responsibilities.
  • The Winning Edge – The human body and its various functions, attributes of elite athletes.

To compliment our strong curriculum focus and to further promote our students independence and growth as active global citizens we provide many enriching experiences:
  • ICT and THINKING TOOLS are embedded in learning situations.
  • Interactive whiteboard in classrooms.
  • Student Leadership.
  • Camps.
  • Enrichment activities: Chess, Tournament of Minds, ICAS.
  • Mathletics.
  • Pep/ Grade 5 Buddy Program.
  • Stephanie Alexander Kitchen & Garden.
  • Interschool Sport.
  • Weekly 45 minute specialist programs in Art, Performing Arts, Physical Education and LOTE.