Bright Beginnings Program

At Weeden Heights we know that if children are supported in their transitions through school, they will achieve more academically, socially and emotionally through their schooling. Students need to know what is expected and reflect on how they learn to optimise their learning.

The Bright Beginnings Program was developed and is continuously supported by the School Psychologist, Nitika Maharaj. The whole school participates in the Bright Beginnings program facilitated by each class teacher. The program starts at the end of each school year, and then continues for the first two weeks of the new school year.

The Bright Beginnings Program is structured to
  • cater for individual’s needs
  • link the individual to the next level
  • build a sense of belonging in the next level
  • provide an opportunity for individuals to reflect and learn about the factors that ease their transitions and thus prepares them for coping with changes later in life.
  • develop shared understandings of what makes for a great learning environment.
  • provide opportunities to reflect on how they best learn and develop structures that support their learning.
The Bright Beginnings Program also sets up students for a year of success in their learning as students are involved in:
  • setting up agreements of classroom understandings,
  • formulating  ideas on quality work
  • learning more about themselves and each other
  • building connectedness for all members of the classroom
  • reflecting on and discovering what helps their personal learning
  • exploring different thinking tools
  • setting personal goals and plans to achieve them\
  • creating a positive learning environment for all
Quotes from students: -

“It helps you get different opinions of people you didn’t really talk to or play with. Its great getting to know each other better.” Lachlan

“Its fantastic that we learn different things about different people” Justin

“It feels nice when people include you”

Students are involved in celebrating the year they have had and acknowledge their growth and how this has prepared them for the following year. The Bright Beginnings Program encourages excellence in student learning, supports student wellbeing and provides a framework to build connectedness within classrooms and year levels.