House System

At Weeden Heights Primary School our ‘House System’ provides students with a host of opportunities. Students are vertically grouped in one of four Houses throughout their seven years at school. Therefore each House has students ranging from Prep to Year 6.

Each House is identified by a colour: Kurrajong (blue), Timbarra (yellow), Waratah (red) and Mungarra (green). Houses are lead by Student Leaders elected by their peers.

For students the House System provides:
  • A vehicle to get to know other students from across the school and to interact with peers across grades and levels
  • An identity and opportunity to belong to another group of students within the larger school community
  • Opportunities for leadership and organisational roles
House Meetings, lunches and sporting competitions are held regularly. These include cross-country, athletics and swimming. In addition, our weekly house point’s competition counts towards the end of term ‘CUP’ and icy-poles for the winning house!
The students always enjoy the opportunity to wear their House t-shirts for special events at school. They enthusiastically embrace the camaraderie, sportsmanship and feeling of belonging in all activities associated with their house.

Mungarra – Green House enjoying lunch together.
Mungarra – Green House enjoying lunch together.

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