Student Leadership

Citizenship and Leadership are fostered through:

* School Captains and Vice Captains.
* House Captains and Vice Captains.
* Student Representative Council (SRC).
* Sports Captains.
* Arts Captains.
* Environmental Captains.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Each semester Weeden Heights has a new SRC group, there is a boy and a girl elected by their peers from each year level. The School Captains make up the other four members of the twelve student committee.

The SRC meets fortnightly to iscuss areas of improvement for the school. The SRC also regularly holds fundraising activities to raise funds for our World Vision Sponsor Child, Paul Kato. They enjoy games days and selling hot dogs and icy poles.

The SRC representatives also make presentations and recommendations to school council.

They are also given the opportunity to present at assemblies and are required to hold and run year level meetings to gather information from students.
  Student Representative Council (SRC)
The SRC representatives also make presentations   The students enjoy being receptionists at lunch or recess to allow Mrs Singh and Mrs Cheetham to have a well deserved break with the rest of the staff. SRC students have also conducted school tours for new parents and dignitaries. These opportunities further enhance the students leadership qualities.
Other Worthy Causes.   Other worthy causes that we support through our fundraising efforts in the SRC include; Daffodil Day, ANZAC day, Remembrance Day, Wesley Mission Food Appeal and the RSPCA.