School Council

School Council For 2017 


The School Council is a legal entity, similar to a company, comprising of staff including the Principal, parents and co-opted members, one of whom may be a Parents  & Community representative.

Weeden Heights School Council comprises a group of dedicated staff and parents who are working together for the 'big picture' future of the school.



The Weeden Heights Primary School Council is required-

  • To work with parents and staff in shaping the educational policy of the school
  • To see buildings and grounds are kept in good state of repair
  • Suggest improvements/extensions to buildings and grounds
  • Stimulate interest in the school
  • Conduct a public meeting each year
  • Assist in the construction of an annual budget each year.

Councilors tackle the tasks of managing the facilities, monitoring finances and PR for the school. There are several sub-committees such as Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Education and Out of School Hours Care which ensure that these integral areas are running smoothly and forging ahead with excellence as their principal goal.


Sub committees also welcome parents.  We would like more parents to participate in our sub committees to ensure we get a real perspective of our community’s views.   Parents on sub committees provide important viewpoints and valuable skills that can help shape the direction of a school.  It builds community spirit, goodwill and most importantly, the best educational opportunities for our students as home and school work co-operatively together.

Sub Committees meet once a month, before School Council and the more parents the better.  If you are interested in being a part of any of the sub committees then please let me know and we will put you in touch with the convenor.

School Council Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month commencing at 6.30pm.   If you are interested, please do come along.


Your Councillors for 2017


  • President –  Kirsty White
  • Vice President –  George Manos
  • Treasurer -  Campbell Liggins
  • Secretary –  Kerryn Cheetham
  • Parent Representatives –  Graeme Stanley, Stephen Churchill, Nicole Seneviratne, Jacqueline Wilson, Eva Bitsikas, Jennifer Rowan
  • DET Representatives –  Kylie Campbell, Angela Gregory, Kirralee Turner