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School Mission and Values

Mission Statement (Our Purpose)
Weeden Heights Primary School empowers and supports students to achieve personal excellence and to become life long learners and global citizens who make a positive difference.

Vision Statement
Weeden Heights Primary School is a dynamic child centred, learning community committed to providing exemplary programs in a challenging, vibrant and safe environment.

At Weeden Heights Primary School we value:
  • Respect 
  • Personal Excellence
  • Curiosity and Creativity 
  • Collaboration

For our school community this means that:
  • Each student will be supported and encouraged to reach their full potential through a stimulating and challenging curriculum
  • Everyone will be treated with respect
  • We will equip our students to embrace their future with optimism, confidence and an ability to make informed choices
  • We have a commitment to develop the social competencies, self esteem, resilience and life skills of every student

Teaching and Learning Statement
At Weeden Heights we:
  • Have high expectations for all learners
  • Differentiate the curriculum to meet the needs individuals
  • Care about children and understand the importance of student wellbeing