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School Policies

What Are School Policies For?


A policy is an inclusive expression of desired outcome, rather than the old 'school rules' structure which only targeted pupils. At Weeden Heights PS, we create policies that apply to the entire school community in order to manage, inform and ensure a better environment for everyone involved.

How Are School Policies Made?
The Weeden Heights Education Sub-Committee (comprising of teachers and parents) compose all of the schools' policies and review any existing ones on a cyclic basis (3 year rotation) or as required. The Sub Committee then consults with the staff and they provide feedback. The next step in the process is to consult with the school community.

The parents are notified through the school newsletter of current policies being reviewed and directed to this section of the website. As part of this process we also post new policies on this site for students, parents and community members to assess. You can click on the links at the bottom of this page to review when there are policies up for consideration. Please email any comments to the school at: weedenheights.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

The Sub-Committee then reviews feedback and makes the necessary changes. The policies are then submitted to the School Council for recommendation and ratification.

Policies currently under review
Emailing Staff Protocol Policy 2017.pdf
Emailing Protocol (staff -parent.guardian) Policy 2017.pdf
Incursion and Excursion Policy -when learning from an external provider Policy 2017.pdf
Student Attendance Policy 2017.pdf
Student Welfare Policy 2017.pdf
WHPS Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy 2017.pdf

Current Policies
Behaviour Managment Policy.pdf

Bully Cyber-Bullying and Harassment Policy.pdf
Class Formation Policy.pdf
Excursions Policy.pdf
Health Care Needs Policy.pdf
Homework Policy.pdf
Integration Policy.pdf
Mandatory Reporting Policy.pdf
On Site Supervision of Students Policy.pdf
Uniform Policy.pdf

Assessment and Reporting Policy.pdf

Asthma Management Policy.pdf
Critical Incidents Policy.pdf
Duty of Care Policy.pdf
E Smart Policy.pdf
Emailing Staff Protocol Policy.pdf
Emailing Protocol (staff -parent.guardian) Policy.pdf
English Policy.pdf
First Aid Policy.pdf
Headlice Policy.pdf
Humanities Policy.pdf
ICT Policy.pdf
Incursion and Excursion Policy -when learning from an external provider Policy.pdf
International Exchange Policy.pdf
Internet Policy.pdf
Mathematics Policy.pdf
Medication Management Policy.pdf
Science Policy.pdf
Student Attendance Policy.pdf
Student Welfare Policy.pdf
Teaching and Learning Policy.pdf
UV (Sunsmart) Policy.pdf
Anaphylaxis Management Policy.pdf
WHPS Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy.pdf
Child Safe Code of Conduct.pdf
WHPS Child Safe Policy 2016.pdf

 WHPS Parent Payment Policy 2016-17.pdf