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Physical Education & Health - Learn More...

At Weeden Heights Primary School our Physical Education and Sport program aims to encourage every student to be active every day. Students are engaged in physical activity, games and sport which provides them with the knowledge, skills and behaviours for improved wellbeing. Students’ involvement in physical activity can take many forms, ranging from individual, non-competitive activity through to competitive team games.

Structured movement activities and active play enable students to develop and practise the fundamental movement skills and tactical knowledge to improve individual and team performance.

Students participate in team sports which promote a sense of cooperation, team-work and fosters an appreciation for ‘good sportsmanship’.

The Physical Education program aim to provide students from Foundation to Year 6 to continually build upon their skills through modified games and activities. Our main emphasis is on participation for all and an enjoyment of physical activity.

Some of the physical education opportunities available to students at Weeden Heights include:

  • Weekly Physical Education classes with additional classes conducted through year levels
  • Summer and Winter Interschool Sport
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Cross Country
  • Athletics
  • Hoop Time (Basketball)
  • Sports Clinics throughout the year
  • House Sports Competitions


Senior Sport

All Year 5 and 6 students are given the chance to participate in Interschool Sport. This is an extremely important facet of our Sport Program. We are fortunate to belong to the Waverley East Sports Association (WESA). This Association promotes participation, enjoyment and teamwork.

Students at our school are encouraged to be involved in competitive sport. This enhances physical and social growth and allows them to develop characteristics of good sportsmanship.

Students in Years 4-6, all have the opportunity to compete in swimming, athletics, Hoop Time (basketball) and cross country events.

Language | French - Learn More...


Learning another language greatly benefits the cognitive development of students and widens a student’s perspective about the existence of other cultures around the world. In a world that is also becoming increasingly globalised, the development of language skills can have a practical benefit in adult life.

At Weeden Heights we offer French as our second language to English to all students on a weekly basis. French is one of the original romance languages that is spoken by more than 220 million people around the world. It is the official language in over 30 countries, especially in Europe, Africa and many states in Pacific region. It is also one of the main languages used by important international organisations like the United Nations.

During Language, Weeden Heights places great emphasis on understanding the French culture as well as basic communication and grammatical skills. France is often considered the language of culture, so lessons will often combine the language with insights into the worlds of Gastronomy, the Liberal Arts, French History and Architecture. This not only provides students an insight into modern French culture but it adds practical interest into the learning experience. Examples of this might be:

  • learning descriptive adjectives while tasting famous French foods such as blue cheese or mousse au chocolat (chocolate mousse)
  • examining different regions of France by following the famous Tour de France bicycle race,
  • learning and singing modern popular French songs
  • using famous French characters such as Tintin and Astrerix as themes for oral and written activities

Combining culture and language in a learning strategy capitalises on the natural curiosity that young minds possess about the world we live in. Outstanding performers in the French language program in the Middle and Senior years are awarded prizes of recognition for their efforts and each year a Language Captain from Year 6 is selected to be a part of the Grade 6 Student Leadership team.

The entire school also prepares for and participates in a French Cultural Day, which is one of the highlights of the annual School Calendar.

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Stephanie Alexander Kitchen & Garden Program

Pleasurable and healthy food education is at the heart of the philosophy of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. We are most fortunate to be a founding school to implement the program.

The Kitchen and Garden Program at Weeden Heights Primary School aims to encourage and facilitate learning for life through an engaging, fun and hands on experience. Students are engaged in critical thinking, communication and collaboration while working in the garden and the kitchen.

In both the kitchen and the garden sessions, students work together in small groups with the support of the kitchen and garden specialists and program volunteers. Fresh produce, grown by students in our garden, is harvested and forms the ingredients for the recipes in the kitchen program. Finished dishes are arranged with pride and care on tables set with flowers from the garden, and the shared meal is a time for students, volunteers and specialists to enjoy each other’s company and conversation. In the garden, volunteers assist students with tasks such as planting and harvesting crops, looking after the chickens and applying mulch to the soil.

We aim to promote and strengthen our community involvement in the Program and encourage the understanding of a variety of different foods as well as the relationship between the garden and the table. Weekly garden sessions give students the opportunity to plant, observe growth and changes and harvest produce.

Through integration in the curriculum, students develop a practical understanding of environmental issues, build self-esteem, confidence, connectedness and develop a sense of achievement through kitchen and garden activities. This specialist subject strengthens our classroom inquiry learning investigations a focus on Science. While it naturally supports both environmental and chemical science, students also develop their measurement Mathematics skills and writing skills through activities and the practical application. The kitchen and garden program cover many areas of the Victorian Curriculum.

At Weeden Heights, students in Years 3-6 are involved in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program with sessions running either weekly or fortnightly in both the kitchen and garden.